Daily Schedule

Enjoy An Eye-Level Hands-On Fishing Experience!

Breakfast Before Heading Out. Folks, unlike history, nothing is ever written in stone. Using this website page we just wanted to show you how little we try to force an exact daily schedule on our guests. Our normal schedule is so simple that it is almost non-existent. The very first thing we do daily is make sure that our guests have had a quality full breakfast served to them. Only then are we heading off to the Marina Pez Vela which is located only a few miles from your accommodations

With the beautiful Guatemala volcanoes in the background, we attempt to set out for the fishing grounds at around 7am. Just a short boat ride later we can be setting out our lines and the day is officially under way.

The Guatemala Pacific Sailfish can be anywhere from four to forty miles out. Generally the run out to where the sailfish have been seen the previous day averages about 15 to 25 miles out. Guatemala is known for the way the charter fishing fleet is willing to share information. Lots of professional eyes give us all a good idea of where the fish are.

Drinks by the pool.

Once the lines are set out we await the action to unfold. Unfold it can and fast. Sailfish can crash the teasers where we will pitch out a ballyhoo bait or bring one over from the flat line position. Maybe a sailfish will pop up behind an outrigger bait and the drop back is on! It all happens on the surface so you get to see it all while Guatemala fishing!

Our Guatemala sails can really put on a show!

At times the Dorado can also run thick. A fine sashimi setup is prepared in order to delve into our “fresh as you can get” catch. Our Panamax authentic sashimi soy sauce is brought down from the U.S.

We get back to the dock at around 4pm. That’s nine hours of fishing!

Off to the lodge where cool cocktails await and where Tom will make his Guatemala layer dip or his highly requested Nobu “new style sashimi” spread.

What could be better then a balmy day while your friends are up north shoveling the snow?

Guatemala has great restaurants.For dinner you have your choice of staying in at the lodge and having a fine meal prepared in house and served under the palapa by the pool…. Standard choices being fresh grilled dorado (mahi-mahi), fillet mignon wrapped in bacon, grilled chicken or shrimp. Local veggies, a salad, and a pasta or rice dish round it out. We are pretty flexible so we can cater to as you wish.

Or we can go out and have a tasty grilled dinner with papusas (a Salvadorian stuffed tortilla specialty popular here) at one of our few favorite local establishments. This is where you can really get a taste of the Guatemalan culture as the beach community folk of Puerto San Jose drift by. The people watching is great! Ever see a family of five cruise by on a moped?

At Panamax Sailfishing Vacations we promise to make your Guatemala sportfishing time with us into a vacation experience that you will cherish for years to come. You won't get this kind of personal professional accommodations and top quality Guatemala fishing with anyone else, even at the more expensive outfits!