Captain and Fleet

Captain Tom Boice

Captain Tom Boice

Capt. Tom has fished the offshore deep sea waters of Guatemala since 1996! He has gotten to know it very well! He owns his boat the Que Vela! and takes great care in it’s upkeep along with all tackle and equipment. He’s owned a cliff style house on the edge of Lake Atitlan for 25 years and has a unique lifetime of experiences both on and off the local waters that he is happy to share with you.

Capt. Tom is from is from Colorado and still spends some time there. While there he's always available to go and have a beer in the Denver area and discuss what it is like to fish down in Guatemala.

Tom is easy going and will be glad to adapt to however you might want to fish. You can kick back and drink a cool one while telling stories with friends. Tom will just hand you the rod so that you can wrestle your sailfish to the boat.

Or if you prefer Tom will be glad to show you how to rig various effective circle hook rigs and let you pitch a rigged bait to a hotly teased-up Guatemala sailfish. He can guide you as you perfect the circle hook dropback method of setting the hook into a sail.

Your host specializes in customizing your Guatemala fishing experience to your personal desires. But more then that, Tom understands the critical importance of making sure that your vacation while Guatemala fishing is fun and safe as well as rewarding.

Within Two Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

kevin Bacon

Within two degrees of Kevin Bacon .....? You will always have something to talk about at Panamax Sailfishing Vacations. Have you ever heard of the pop culture trivia game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? If not, you can read about it at Wikipedia. Capt. Tom was actually Kevin Bacon's stunt double in the movie "River Wild." Guess what, that actually gets you within two degrees of Kevin Bacon!

Speaking of entertainment, with Panamax you will be assured that we are committed to making your Guatemala sportfishing experience entertaining, successful, fun and even a bit educational. Allow us to prove that we can guide you to the tropical paradise fishing vacation you have been dreaming about for years and won't be forgetting about for many more years to come! Many of our clients can't wait to return year after year

The Que Vela! is a great Guatemala fishing vessel and awaits your presence! Your friends back home that are shoveling snow from their driveways will eagerly await your fishing photos and fish stories!

Que Vela! is a great Guatemala fishing vessel! Your friends back home that are shoveling snow from their driveways will eagerly await your fishing photos and fish stories!

Guatemala fishing for our famed Pacific Sailfish is simply an awesome experience by itself but when you blend in the ability to fish for sails at eye level you suddenly get a special measure of excitement and the hands-on satisfaction that is hard to describe to anyone that hasn't yet experienced it. The Que Vela! is a Super Panga and is a beautiful, meticulously kept well equipped 34 foot center console fishing machine with a sight tower. It sports twin four stroke Suzuki 140’s to get you out to the fish quickly. It has vast cockpit space to maneuver around in when the fish are on.

There is a fighting post that quickly attaches to the front area of the boat for when the big boy is on. A freshwater wash down hose allows for a cool shower, a sweet reprieve on those hot days! The tower allows for that birds eye view that improves spotting billfish allowing us to get to the rod faster which will improve hookup chances. There are three GPS/Sounder units on board. Also there are two radios to allow simultaneous monitoring of the ongoing fishing situation in both the English and the Spanish speaking channels. We also have pull down clear curtains to help on those days of spray.

31' Bertrams (Sur Reel and Typhoon)

The first boat design to use a Deep-V hull! It is arguably the most famous modern boat design ever built! The 31 Bertram has achieved a near cult status of boaters around the world and is famous for producing big fish. Capt Tom will captain the boat and there will be two mates.

Equipment and Tackle:

The Que Vela! sports quality equipment and tackle. We believe in matching the tackle to the fishing. For sailfishing, we use Shimano Tyrnos 30# reels with Hi Vis Sufix 30lb line and Shimano Saragosa 20# spinning reels with Spectra backing. It’s fun to cast to a curious sailfish that we see following a hook up or cast to some curious dorado.

Shimano Tyrnos Reels

Shimano TyrnosWe also have 50# Penn International Two Speeds for those marlin strikes. We also have a Thomas and Thomas 14wt fly rod with an Abel 4.6 AR reel all set and ready to go for you fly fishermen that don’t happen to have a 14wt in the closet. Note: We will be glad to supply your first fly and we can recommend what extra flies for you to bring along with you

Circle Hook Rigged BallyhooWe use circle hook with ballyhoo. Due to the abundance of our local sailfish and billfish populations, the anglers of Guatemala are pioneers in circle hook rigging and drop back tactics. Capt. Tom is glad to share his tactics and techniques and he does it in a friendly and congenial manner. You won't just catch fish. You will learn what is takes to fool the mighty sailfish plus you'll gain the satisfaction of having done it on the fish's own level.

First Mate

Tom and Victor

Our first mate on Que Vela!, Victor Gutierez has grown up in Ixtapa and has fished in these Guatemalan waters here for thirty five years. Since 1996 with Capt. Tom! There is not much that Victor hasn’t seen or experienced here. To say he has the eyes of an eagle would be an understatement. His reaction to a sail coming into the spread is catlike. Oh … and to see him rig a bonito’s belly into a teaser is masterful. One of Victor’s best aspects would be that he is quick to laugh even with his tooth challenged smile.

Enjoy An "Eye-Level and Hands-On" Experience!